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These are just my take and explanations for how I feel and what’s to come. I try to remain objective in my writings, descriptions and ratings. Everyone’s taste buds are different and what may be spectacular to me may be disgusting to you, hence you may feel that my pronouncements may be subjective, which to some extent is correct because it’s my opinion, though I still remain objective. In some cases it may appear I am biased regarding a specific item or location because of my extensive history with either. My opinion is that unless you’ve actually frequented or sampled multiple items multiple times, over a long period, you cannot truly give a qualified rating – consistency is what matters, and to be objective you need to sample a lot, a lot of times. Though this will not be case always, I will however always try to be fair for that which I am reviewing.

My rating scale is based on the place or item, on its own, that I sampled, meaning either there are no other places nearby that can be used for comparison, its unique for this area or it is what it is.

I try not to downgrade a location or item on a first review unless it is really that awful in at lease any 4 of my personal categories: service, cost, quality, quantity, cleanliness, ambience, taste, atmosphere, comfortability, noise level, crowdiness, smells, bugginess, and, in some cases, location.

My Rating Scale (from passable to above and beyond):

OK (2 stars) – it’s passable or just acceptable, but I wouldn’t do this again.

Good or Cool (3 stars) – it’s something I enjoyed though it could have been better; although there are downsides I’ll most likely do this again.

Great (4 stars) – pure enjoyment with plenty of repeats to come.

Fabulous (5 stars) – you must do this, at least a 100 times.

WOW (stars do it no justice) – the use of “WOW” implies that there are likely no better words to describe how spectacular this is; it floors you with extreme greatness.

TBD (Taste Buds of a Donkey):   Refers to someone who thinks they know about seasonings, spices and technique. Typically, these folks have eaten at some celebrity Chef’s restaurant (or Signature restaurant) and now feel compelled to impose his/her/their professional experience upon the rest of us.

The “Trendies:”   These folks follow new trends in food and restaurants (tough in some cases, these folks have made contributions by shedding light on new cuisines and curious flavors that have benefited the food industry). However, and in most cases, all they’ve actually done is contributed to the dumbing-up of what were great traditional platters or promoting foods that though may be beautiful in looks, have little substance in the art of “eating a great meal.”  In many of the cases, Trendies, are young adults that have no knowledge of  culinary history, have never cooked a home made meal or simply had bad histories growing up with Mickey D’s or Burger King (for example). In some other cases it’s the older folk who feel they need to connect with the younger generation or demonstrate that they are hip, themselves. I am saying that all trendy food is bad or stupid, just that it is usually more downscale to more traditional classic and classical foods.

This also applies to those places many people go to because it’s so cool. I think not!

N/A and NA – Non-Alcoholic

D/A and DADumb Ass (as in Donkey)

O/ROther Reviewers or Raters:   In some cases I’ll refer to other O/R’s for a point of reference, to highlight and/or make a point.

More to come…