The Woodman – London (Battersea)

“I’m Going To Be A Bit Biased, But Nonetheless Objective!” Reviewed December 3, 2012 on TripAdvisor:

Full disclosure: Was introduced to James via his Restaurant Blog, which was a real eye-opener considering his menu items sounded incredibly delicious!!!

On our once every 3 years trip to visit family in London, we made sure to book “The Woodman in early November 2012.” My wife, the in-laws and me went for dinner and “BAM! WOW!,” the food was spectacular! No, I must admit, I was not expecting it to be BAM! WOW!, but more like “Wonderful!” I was blown away by the technique, flavors, presentation, quality, quantity and great service!!! Ahhhh, the service: hypothetically, had the food not been great the service would still receive the 5 Star Rating!

The beer and other libations were just spectacular as was the setting – don’t, do not, let yourselves be misled by the missleading store front size on the outside! The pub is cozy but sizable and the restaurant is ample (no cramped quarters – plenty of elbow space). There is a garden outback though it was to cold the night we went for our use, it was pleasently big, with plenty of obvious seating around!

We’re back home now however I spoke to my in-laws who have since returned to the Woodman (Dec 1? or Nov 30?), whatever, and who stated that their meal was even better (not friggin’ possible! unless James cheated me). Anyway, I won’t speak for them but they indicated they were even happier the 2nd time around. Hopefully, we’ll be back sometime in 2013, but until then… James, the food and service, PRIMO!

I doubt the experience for anyone else will be less than ours was.

  • Visited November 2012

Value                  5
Atmosphere      5
Service               5
Food                   5

This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.


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