Bialy & Father’s Day

Bialy, a Yiddish word short for bialystoker kuchen, from Białystok, a city in Poland, is a small roll that is a traditional dish in Polish Ashkenazi cuisine. (courtesy of

Today is Father’s Day and my wonderful wife has made, from scratch, a traditional bread called: Bialy.

This is a spectacular extremely simple bread. Unfortunately, at least for us, it can only be purchased in New York City, and then they are nevertheless very hard to find nowadays, and more often then not, not very good. Kosar’s NY, down on Grand Street, made the best. Now we’re left to making them ourselves so we can enjoy.

Anyway, a crisp toasted, ever so lightly burnt Bialy, a schmeer or cream cheese, a slice each of beefsteak tomato and red onion (white is ok), salt and pepper to taste. Wait about 3 minutes after putting it together (let the flavors meld) them you can put’em away! Enjoy.

Happy Father’s Day to All the Dudes!



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