This Blog Is NOT For Anyone Who’s “Trendy”

 Repost & Change of Category 06/16/2012

Oddly enough, you’d think that every blogger wants to reach everybody however that is not my intention. I do this for those of you who prefer to know where you can actually get traditional good food, service, and just as importantly, where to enjoy yourself.

As I’ve indicated before, you are not always going to agree with me, and there are times you may put me in my place and that’ll be good, so long as we are debating the same things. That’s where trendy comes in.

Roast beef, meat loaf, soft boiled or poached eggs, brisket or pastrami, leg of lamb, liver pate, peas, and so on, these although were not always great (whether at home or elsewhere) bring back memories and in some cases the wish that these had actually been great. Heck, still today (or just “today”) you have extreme opposites. Diners think they know how to make meat loaf (grey, dry, tasteless, disgusting, etc.), and the “this-ain’t-your’mama’s-meat loaf” trendy eatery (ultra spiced with either cardanom, cinamon, 5 spice, miso, etc.) though not boring still not what we really want but nonetheless offer no other options.

Would you believe I went to 2 seperate restaurants – supposedly, main-stream, in Philadelphia in February 2012 (this year), and in one I COULD NOT get a simple Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinager dressing? And the other, a simple American Cheese Burger, medium rare, and was told: 1) no American cheese, and 2) ONLY well done! WEll, yes to both, you should believe it, ’cause it happened to me!

So, back to the trendy thing. I’m not suggesting there is no place for the “trendies,” what am saying is “NOT HERE!” I’m not going to order Australian Wagyu or Japanese Kobe beef burger because it makes no sense to me – just a plain Sirlion (70/30) burger should suffice; good old fashioned sauteed liver and onions, and bit of light seasoning should suffice; a good old fashioned Cornish Pastie should suffice; a good old fashioned Paella Valenciana should suffice; good old fasioned wild boar (soaked in red wine) caccatorini, should suffice!

When I want crazy, I do it at home – 90% success rate – when I want trendy. But, more often than not, a 5 cheese, 4 layer Lasagna or moist roasted onion meat loaf or Prosciutto Cotto and sharp cheddar cheese on a crusty baguette, in my opinion is so much better.

Simple, delicious, comfortable/comfort, memorable/memories, easy and fulfilling, that’s what its about to me.

TJ 06/14/2012


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