Home Made Rustic Paella

I should have taken my time and should have used my Paella pan. Nevertheless, everything was ready in 1:45, including prep: (the rustic part of this is I used what I had on hand plus the fresh seafood)

Lobster, Shrimp, Clams, Saffron, Chorizo, Peas and plenty of Olive Oil…

Home made rustic paella on the fly.


5 responses to “Home Made Rustic Paella

  1. yum!! my kind of food…. loving the lobster! not sure i would even get to the rice!

    • I think we enjoyed the rice the most. Unfortunately, I could only get a 1.5 lbs lobster on such short notice and though it tasted very good (this is Maine after all) it was less than satisfying as only some tail and some claw meat was available.

  2. Paella is my favourite … Nice job!

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