Hello world!

This is all new to me and please be patient as I try to figure out how this blogging thing works – as far as setting up this page is concerned, that is.

Anywho, what this Blog will deal with (you giessed it) food, drink and hospitality. I will dedicate my blog specifically (mostly) to Maine, where to go for great food, what not to order, is it worth a visit or going out of your way, where to find a good butcher, etc. But I do travel a bit, mostly in the northeast: New England and the New York tri-state area. And occasionally, my wife allows me (o.k., Us!), to go on vacation at least once every 2 years and we do have our occasional weekend off.

Well, not to ramble on too much, this blog will be about quality, cost, quantity and service. It will also include hotels and B&B’s. I’ll also talk about beer and single malts, bourbon, cocktails, and who makes a mean Dirty Martini (I’m old… fashion).

Soon, in the “About” section of this page, I’ll talk about the why and what makes me qualified to address food, drink and hospitality. So please give a chance to get my act together and hopefully I’ll be able to assist you in having a better time or at least share a disagreement!



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